Health Care is a Civil Right

Posted on Jun 17, 2013 by Steve Kagen

“Dr. Kagen Ended Discrimination Due to Pre-Existing Conditions”

Dr. Kagen ran for Congress to bring an end to discrimination in health care, and he succeeded. In 1992, Steve and his father Marv Kagen, M.D. created the “Ten Principles of Health Care.” It took 18 years of effort to finally outlaw discrimination against citizens with pre-existing medical conditions.

No Discrimination in Health Insurance Act of 2008 – HR 5449 | [PDF]

Until Dr. Steve Kagen was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, health insurance companies refused to cover citizens who became ill through no fault of their own.

Humana-Discrimination | [PDF]

Inspired by both his father and his patients, Steve worked hard to convince other members of Congress to ban discrimination due to pre-existing medical conditions, applying our Civil Rights to America’s health care industry.

Congressman Kagen sent a ‘Dear Colleague’ letter to Members of the House of Representatives to explain his progressive health care ideas.

‘Dear Colleague’ Letter | [PDF]

Dr Kagen led the fight for transparency in all health care pricing. He wanted everyone in health care to openly disclose all their prices to drive up competition and drive down prices. Everyone should be able to receive the same service at the same price – it’s the American way, Dr. Kagen said.

Transparency in All Health Care Pricing Act – HR 4700 | [PDF]

Working together for the greater good. After a century of trying, we finally succeeded.

No more bake sales to pay for our children’s life-saving therapy.