Honorable Steve Kagen, M.D.

Wisconsin’s former 8th District Representative – January 4, 2007 to December 22, 2010

The Kagen Family in Statuary Hall: Mike (M.D.), Tom (Artist), Gayle (R.N.), Steve, Melissa (APNP) and Stephanie (R.N.)

Dr. Kagen ran for Congress to secure access to health care for all of us – and he succeeded.

Steve Kagen ended discrimination against all citizens with pre-existing medical conditions; no longer will a family go broke and lose their home just because a child has a serious accident or becomes ill.

Dr. Kagen ran for Congress to bring our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan – and he succeeded, while protecting our troops both at home and abroad.

Steve worked hard to ship our values overseas, instead of our jobs by promoting balanced trade deals with all nations, especially China.

Kagen helped enact laws to protect, conserve and restore our nation’s environment, including the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, the Great Lakes Compact and Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Kagen helped write the 2008 Farm Bill, improving the health of Wisconsin farm families and the health of our children. He created childhood obesity programs and the new Grow Local Buy Local policy to bring locally grown foods into public school lunch programs.

In his First 100 Days in office, Steve earned the title “Doctor in the House.”

No 8th District Congressman has done more to grow Wisconsin’s economy, educate our children, protect our environment and care for our veterans and seniors than Dr. Steve Kagen.

Kagen improved the lives of everyone in Wisconsin, and the results show.

He was sent to Congress and got things done.

Dr. Kagen is a Champion for America’s working class heroes.

Working hard together with Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee Dave Obey, U.S. Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, we accomplished a great deal for everyone in NE Wisconsin and the nation.

And whatever success I may have had, know this: none of it would have been possible without the strong support of my caring family, concerned constituents and expert members of my staff .