The purpose of this Law is not to destroy profit centers in medicine, but rather to allow all Citizens to benefit from the efficient delivery of affordable healthcare in an open, transparent and competitive marketplace.

We the People, by doing so, will create a truly compassionate and comprehensive process for delivering healthcare, Everywhere in these United States.

United States of America Declaration of Health: No Patient Left Behind™

We the People of the United States of America, being One Nation and One People from sea to shining sea, in Order to form more perfect Healthcare delivery to all, establish an Equitable, Just and Affordable medical marketplace, insure Access to any and all medical services and products without any Discrimination whatsoever, provide for the common Defense against any and all current and future contagions, provide for the general Welfare of all those in need, for ourselves and our Posterity, secure the Blessings of good health for all, do ordain and establish this United States of America Declaration of Health:

No Patient Left Behind.

Article I.

At all times, anywhere in these United States, there shall be Open Disclosure of any and all prices for health-related products and services, such that the real price shall be openly disclosed, and shall never be hidden.

This includes, but is not limited to, prices of any and all health insurance company policies sold anywhere within these United States; any and all services and products provided at or by hospitals; any and all products and services produced, manufactured, warehoused, packaged, sold and/or delivered by any and all pharmaceutical corporations and pharmacies under domestic and/or foreign ownership; any and all health-related services and products offered by either domestic or foreign owned entities, individuals, corporations, or any other recognized health profession or organization, including, but not limited to, physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, medical technologists, dentists, chiropractors, and/or other like personnel involved in providing healthcare related services and products.

Article II.

At all times, anywhere in these United States, there shall be UNITARY PRICING, wherein each person must pay the identical price as another for the identical health product and/or service.

Each and every Citizen owes no more and no less than another for the same healthcare service and/or product.

This Article applies to any and all health-related products and services, as stated in Article I, but not to government-sponsored care for the needy, as provided for in Article V below.

Openly disclose the price and charge everyone the same.

Article III.

At all times, anywhere in these United States, there shall be established, once and for all time, One Health Insurance Risk Pool from sea to shining sea, which Risk Pool shall be indivisible and composed of any and all Citizens, without separations and/or distinctions between the States.

Licensed health insurance companies must offer products and services that are Equally available to any and all Citizens, without Discrimination on the basis of gender, residence location, and/or the basis of any Condition and/or State of either body or mind, including, but not limited to, pre-existing health conditions, current and/or future illnesses, genetic state and/or composition of gene sequences, male or female sex, skin color, religion, pregnancy, economic condition, occupation or lack thereof, membership in or association with any and all public and/or private clubs, associations, or political parties, as well as any and all other conceivable means of Discrimination now known or conceived of in the future.

We are forever One Nation and One People.

Article IV.

At all times, anywhere in these United States, each and every Household shall have an annual healthcare Deductible that is 3% of the household’s taxable federal income.

Governments of these United States wish to encourage investments in personal and family health. The annual 3% Household Deductible, so calculated, provides a means for allowing those who can afford to pay for their healthcare to do so. The Household Deductible is the dollar amount that a given Household is expected to pay out-of-pocket for personally selected healthcare products and services. This deductible will encourage households to survey their local, competitive medical marketplace before purchasing medically necessary or elective health-related products and services.

The Deductible dollar amount shall also be allowed to be subtracted from the Household’s federal taxes owed for that given year, thus preserving the deductibility of healthcare related purchases for insurance policies, as well as for any and all other health-related products and services.

There shall be no double dipping. If a Household receives healthcare benefits from their workplace, or from any other source, then their right to use their so calculated Household Deductible as a deduction from taxes owed shall be limited to the maximum dollar amount determined as if they did not have health benefits provided elsewhere.

The health of our nation depends upon healthy families and communities.

Article V.

At all times, anywhere in these United States, Governments must provide for the needy.

Governments must pay for medically necessary services and products to cover the overhead costs associated with the provision of any and all said services and products, as well as a percentage of profit, the amount of which shall be determined annually by Congress.

The exact health-related services and products made available to those in need shall be determined by Congress, based upon the science of evidence-based medicine initiatives, in accordance with such federal laws as may from time to time apply, but never to include any form of Discrimination whatsoever as described above in Article III.

Based upon the Congress’ determination of poverty, Congress shall determine on an annual basis, who qualifies as being in need of government sponsored health-related services and products.

The true measure of a nation is reflected in the treatment of those who are in need.

The Ratification of this United States of America Declaration of Health: No Patient Left Behind, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this federal Law, done in the presence of all women and men beginning in the year two-thousand and five, in Witness whereof We the People have hereunto subscribed our Names,

Steve Kagen, M.D. Appleton, Wisconsin

Marvin Kagen, M.D. Appleton, Wisconsin

January 01, 2005