Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, last fall the American people went to the polls and they voted for positive change and new direction, not only in the way we do business here in Washington, but also in Iraq. The 110th Congress is fulfilling the mandate the American people provided by putting forward a supplemental bill that will guarantee three things: First, support for our troops before, during and after being in harm’s way; second, accountability and responsibility, not only from our own administration, but from the newly elected Iraqi government as well; and, third, a positive change away from Iraq and back towards al Qaeda by guaranteeing an end to our involvement in the civil war in Iraq.

The American people will no longer write blank checks to this administration, and neither will this Congress; nor will we continue to send our sons and daughters to the sands of Iraq in an open-ended commitment. The time has come for this administration to listen to the will of the people.

The American people demanded new leadership, positive change and a new direction, and that is exactly what this Congress is delivering.

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