Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, today, in a bipartisan embrace, both Republicans and Democrats will continue to work together for positive change and a new direction for America by promoting a truly bipartisan first-100-hour agenda.

People in Appleton and Green Bay, Wisconsin, and all across America, wanted us to come together and begin to solve these problems that we are facing, and we have done just that. Two weeks ago we passed a rules package and a comprehensive ethics reform package supported by margins of 426-0 and 430-1, respectively. I believe we are really beginning to come together.

Fiscally responsible, pay-as-you-go, and real budget reforms were supported by many, many Republicans. Sixty-eight joined in implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations. Eighty-two Republicans helped to increase the minimum wage, and 36 joined in lowering prescription drug costs for seniors.

Let’s continue to work together to help reduce the costs of higher education as well. By working together we really will build a better future for everyone.

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