Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, as a physician for 30 years, I know something about human diseases and the personal suffering of my patients and their families. I support stem cell progress, which is what H.R. 3 represents, because it will fulfill the promise of finding a cure to the many life-altering and painful disorders such as Alzheimer’s, juvenile diabetes, heart disease and spinal injuries and more.

Saying “no” to stem cell progress is extremely unkind to patients, patients who will benefit from these potential cures yet to come. If one truly cares about life and believes in improving the quality of life of all of our people that we represent, then one should say “yes” to stem cell progress.

To all my colleagues, be not afraid. Be not afraid to take this important step forward. This Congress should be proud to be in favor of progress and should become pro-cure.

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