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March 21, 2007

“We Must Appeal to the President’s Conscience”

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. took the floor of the House to “appeal to the President’s conscience,” asking him to renew Wisconsin’s waiver to allow the SeniorCare prescription drug program to continue.

Kagen cited statistics showing SeniorCare provides better coverage, costs taxpayers half of what Medicare Part D costs, and is simpler and easier to understand.

Nearly 110,000 Wisconsin elders currently receive affordable prescription drug coverage through the SeniorCare program.  But the waiver is set to expire on June 30th of this year unless the administration grants an extension.  If it doesn’t, could be forced to sign up for the complicated, more expensive Medicare Part D prescription drug program, or go without coverage altogether.

Kagen has introduced legislation that would repeal the penalty fees that punish seniors who sign up late for the complicated Part D program.

Kagen was recently elected on a platform to bring positive change and new direction in Washington, provide access to affordable health care for everyone, and bring higher wage jobs to Wisconsin.

Kagen has refused the health insurance package offered to members of Congress. “I will not accept the Congressional health plan until those same benefits are available to everyone in my district,” Kagen says.

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