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March 29, 2007

Kagen Votes To Restore Fiscal Responsibility, Protect Tax Cuts For Working Families

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) Congressman Steve Kagen, M.D. voted to bring positive change and restore fiscal responsibility in Washington on Thursday. The House adopted a $2.9 trillion spending plan that lowers the deficit, increases funding for veterans’ health care and cracks down on waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars.

“The people of Wisconsin want a new direction in Washington. This budget brings accountability and fiscal responsibility to the budget process. It strengthens our national defense. It fulfills the promise we made to our troops and veterans. And it protects the tax cuts to the middle class at the same time,” says Congressman Kagen.

Nonpartisan groups as the Concord Coalition and the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities have endorsed this budget’s approach to restoring fiscal accountability – with the reinstatement of tough pay-as-you-go rule budget rules to ensure that budget discipline is permanent.

“This budget cracks down on wasteful spending and uncovers the kind of waste, fraud and abuse in federal contracts we’ve seen in Iraq and in Katrina,” Kagen said.

The House budget provides for the largest veterans’ budget increase in American history. These additional resources are needed to provide excellent health care for new veterans, repair VA health care facilities, make needed investments in veterans’ mental health care and traumatic brain injury, and speed up and improve the accuracy of disability claims processing.

“This budget honors our promises to Wisconsin’s brave troops and veterans,” Kagen said. “The budget provides three and a half billion dollars more than the President’s budget for veterans’ health care. This will help ensure that the 474, 594 veterans in Wisconsin receive the health care they earned.”

“The days of borrow-and-spend, endless deficits are over. This budget reflects Wisconsin values and priorities,” said Kagen. “We are making a positive change for all of America’s hardworking families.”

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