Mr. KAGEN. Mr. Speaker, health care costs in this country are impossible for everyone. For small businesses, for local, State and Federal governments, the uninsured, for working families, and most especially for our senior citizens.

As a physician, I see and feel this crisis every single day. Today in America the real price of a pill is whatever they can get. My patients and my constituents want to know the price of a pill before they swallow it, and they would prefer to pay less rather than more. H.R. 4 will allow our government, “We, the People,” to negotiate more affordable prices for the necessary prescription drugs our seniors require. Our health care crisis that we all are facing blurs the lines between Republicans and Democrats.

Allow me, please, to share with you the comments of one of my constituents, a Republican, Dorey Hoffman from Appleton, when she says: “When I went to receive cancer treatment, I saw this at the reception’s desk at the cancer center. I thought of you being the voice for all of us and of course all the cancer patients. We all need someone to help us in our everyday lives.”

Please join with me in support of H.R. 4 and help Dorey and millions of other senior citizens.

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