Mr. KAGEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today to respectfully request that the administration be kind to Wisconsin’s elders by granting a waiver to SeniorCare, an extraordinarily successful prescription drug program. SeniorCare does three things we should all appreciate: It saves tax dollars, it is nearly half the cost of Medicare part D, and it offers a broader range of prescription drugs to our elders.

The AARP found that 94 percent of SeniorCare enrollees are better served by SeniorCare than by part D. And SeniorCare is easy to understand. It has a simple, one-page application form and an annual fee of only $30. Simply put, SeniorCare is a better program than Medicare part D and it should be imitated across America.

But SeniorCare cannot continue without permission from the Bush administration. I am appealing to the conscience of the President. Please, please be kind to our elders. Allow SeniorCare to continue, for it saves not only taxpayers’ money, it also saves their very lives.

Saving SeniorCare – March 21, 2007

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